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What a gift! – 7/10/2021

God showed Amos a plumb line. And then He said He would be, in effect, measuring His people Israel with that plumb line. Who have His people become? Do they remember Him, His statutes and His promises? Or have they fallen away so far from Him that He must imagine their demise, their destruction, their exile?

As you read the Old Testament you read of God’s propensity to measure. He is specific in His dimensions speaking to Ezekiel about the temple in Ezekiel’s vision. God measures against His absolutes, His 10 words given to Moses that ought to be our guide in this world. And all of us fall short. We do not measure up.

We are graced, in gospel truth, that God measures our righteousness not through our failures to keep his commands, but by the perfect righteousness of His perfect Son, Jesus, the Christ. You and I will never measure up. He did. Jesus gave the last measure of His life so that God sees not our faults, but His virtues.

What a gift!

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