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“Your faith has healed you” – 6/26/2021

You’ll remember from your art class how flat painting and even mosaic works appeared before Italian painters in the 15 century discovered how to add perspective to a flat canvass. The Flemish painters really developed the concept in the century following and now we just take it for granted – until, of course, Picasso did away with it completely!

Our perspective on Jesus is comprised of two things, our earth-bound experience and imagination, and then the lessons we read in Scripture. He, the Son of God, did things we marvel at today. In today’s Gospel lessons from Mark we read of Jesus taking control of earthly and human processes, and even of the demonic world, proving He is and was what He says He is and was.

As Jesus healed the woman, He said to her “Your faith has healed you.” The words He used saying that indicate, in the verb tense He used, that the healing given by Christ through faith was immediately effective, and would last her whole life. She, like you and I, will suffer in our bodies, being human, after all. But we share with that woman the spiritual healing given by God – that healing in faith began in us in our baptisms, and so long as we not blaspheme the Holy Spirit and reject our faith, we are forever healed in our spirit.

Celebrate with all of God’s people our healing in Jesus!

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