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There is no hiding sin – 6/5/2021

Our Old Testament reading today is a portion of the events in the Garden. All Creation fell in those moments, of course, not just Adam and Eve. Prior to Sin, there were no thorns on roses, or spikes on palm branches, and the weather was always perfect for the people and animals and plants that thrived there. All things changed with the turn to sin.

Adam and Eve hid from God. Would they not have known what to us seems obvious: there is no hiding from the Creator. Sure, that’s obvious to us. And yet, don’t we try to hide our sin? Maybe He won’t know about it, maybe He is busy with those other people, worse sinners than I am, maybe He just won’t catch up to me, I’ll just hide my sin away somewhere deep inside.

Wrong. He knew then, and He knows now. Other people know too, and often the earthly consequences of sin are apparent even as we might try to hide the spiritual consequences of our sin. Adam and Eve suffered earthly consequences of their simple sin, barred from the garden to work the earth for food and suffer the pains of childbirth, as God promised. And yet, as they believed His Promise of a Redeemer we will see them in heaven.

There is no hiding sin, it will out. Let us take solace, as Paul guides in the Corinthian passages, that the weight of our sin and evil in the world is overmatched by the Grace of that Redeemer. Do I hear a sigh of Christian relief?

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