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Be Zealous! – 6/12/2021

Zeal. Zealous. Zealot. Not words we use very often, are they? Today Pastor Eremeling presents those words in a Gospel context, using the image of Simon the Zealot. That Simon was a political animal, hating the Roman occupation of Palestine and working against it to the extent that he could.

But then, he met Jesus. In the transformation that occurs in all people who are in Jesus, Simon’s zealotry was transformed too. He became one zealous for the Lord Jesus, in his zeal proclaiming the saving grace of the Son of God. By extension, through our faith, Jesus calls us to a zealousness, and Pastor Vern reminds us today that we Christians have some responsibilities: to live as He would have us live, as an example through our lives and voices to witness to this lost and dying world. He does not call us to witness out on the street corner (unless you want to!) but in the way we speak and act and treat other people. Be Zealous, He says, in faith and in action.

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