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The Nazca and Palpa Lines – A Documentary Film

BNS presents our first feature Documentary Film, “The Nazca and Palpa Lines,” now being shown, in English, for the first time to an international audience, exclusively through BNS. This film was Directed by Award-Winning Documentary Film Maker and Archaeologist, Mr. Omar Agustoni. This archaeological wonder will seem nearly surreal to the viewer, but those who […]

Inside Amazonia – Documentary Film

In this Fourth Episode of Truth Files, BNS will venture into the middle of the Peruvian Amazonia, where we will discover flora, fauna and the issues of this wild region of the planet, still subject to the great risks of deforestation and illegal mining of precious metals. This film was Directed by Award-Winning Documentary Film […]

Inkwell Books Channel

Black Sun – The Animated Series

Black Sun is an epic space opera series written by Dustin Corallo, penname Daniel Crux. The series is focused on a band of space pirates who, under the employ a mysterious yet captivating patron, embark into the galaxy to seek out its greatest mystery, as well as claim a once lost family legacy. All the […]

Mediterranean Functional Lifestyle Cookbook

The recipes in this book are designed to help you lose weight, improve your health, and increase your energy level. The Mediterranean Functional Lifestyle is a recipient of several book awards. “The best diet is the one That allows for the occasional indulgence.”

Cleo-Cat-Tra Books

Lucy T. Geringer, author and proprietor of Cleocat Books developed the company to introduce concepts in an interactive book format through her character Cleo-cat-tra. As a former elementary teacher with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia, she has become a creator and innovator of early concept books, giving children […]

John 3:16 Christian Ministries Channel

Jesus Established Divine Spiritual Law – John 316 C.M.

John 3:16 C.C. Sunday Morning Service LIVE Stream 9/17/2023 Message: “The Spiritual Laws of Life – Jesus Established Divine Spiritual Law ” with Pastor Wayne Berry. In this lesson we will see that our Heavenly Father desires to reveal to us the Spiritual Laws of life. We will see that Jesus proclaimed a spiritual law […]

Let The River Flow – Thursday Night in the Word LIVE Stream 9/14/2023

John 3:16 C.M. Thursday Night in the Word LIVE Stream 9/14/2023 Message: “Let The River Flow” with Pastor Maryann Berry Here is the YouTube video link to the worship song we will be playing, so you can worship with us! The Audio is muted in the video due to copyright! LET THE RIVER FLOW – […]

Help Me Holy Spirit – Healing and Victory Service LIVE Stream 9/7/2023

John 3:16 C.M. Healing and Victory Service LIVE Stream 9/7/2023 Please note: We will be having Communion at the end of the service. Have juice and bread/cracker ready, so you can join us! Message: “Help Me Holy Spirit” with Pastor Maryann Berry ROMANS 8:26 KJV Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities; for we know […]