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The High Priestly Prayer – 5/24/2020

Today’s gospel message is from the 17th Chapter of John’s gospel, V1-11 – this section is known as The High Priestly Prayer. You’ll notice that Jesus, in His final hours of freedom, prayed for His apostles. Scripture does not say He drew off by Himself – the apostles would have heard this prayer on their behalf.

And then look beyond those verses, to verse 20 and following. Jesus prays also for us, for those who in the future would believe because of the words the apostles would leave us. He did not know us, but He saw us in His mind’s eye and He knows us as surely as He knew those men with Him in the Upper Room in our gospel.

Be ready also to read from Peter’s first book, in the 4th and 5th chapters. You’ll see his words are about us, experiencing trials in this lifetime. Take heart, Peter says. We live in a turbulent now, yet we have in our hearts God’s grace in the not-yet, the eternity Jesus defines in our gospel this day.
The troubles of the day are sufficient for this day – and they too shall pass away.

God bless you all.

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