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His plan to prosper and redeem us – 5/10/2020

This morning bring your Bible to electronic church! We will be looking at Psalm 146, part of the hallelujah chorus the last 5 psalms represent, then at 1Peter 2:1-10, finding out just who we are, and then our Gospel for the day, John 14:1-14. The Nicene Creed will be on the screens, as you will see – and we apologize for the inadequate view our ancient equipment allows of hymns and creeds on the screens. We will, one day soon I pray, be about upgrading that equipment so the time we share together this way will be of better resolution.

And speaking of resolution: we know that God will resolve the issues of this life as in faith we look to Him, Creator, Sustainer, Savior. Our readings today emphasize His plan to prosper and redeem us. He is Risen! Allelujah!

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