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God’s words in a lost world – 11/21/2020

Our readings this day describe an arc. Beginning with Ezekiel speaking God’s words into a lost world, through Paul’s reassurance of the historical fact of resurrection and its meaning for us, concluding with Jesus speaking in Jerusalem of His righteous judgement, we read of God’s very purpose for us, and His means of accomplishing it for us.

Ezekiel was an exile, taken captive in Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of the nation Israel. He lived, with his wife, along the banks of a river below Babylon. The way in which God chooses him to speak to the people is astonishing; not a part of our words today but amazing, do read the beginning of the book. Through him God describes how He will gather His scattered people back together, make of them a nation again and not exiles and prisoners.

Notice God promises that His servant David “shall be prince among them.” Now, we know that Ezekiel lived 400 years after David. What can the Lord mean? Remember the promise made to David (2Samuel 7) that God would build him a “house”? And from David would come a son – nearly a thousand years later, as it happens – who would be King, and on His throne forever, none other than Jesus.

We know that promised Son in David’s line to be Prophet, Priest, and King, Savior of the nations, the anointed messiah so long prophesied, Jesus, our Lord. God spoke of Him over the centuries, from the Garden (Genesis 3), through Isaiah so often, to Mary and even the shepherds before finally giving Him breath and life upon this earth. Our lessons this day speak of Him still, that we might know Him and His righteous love for us.

May that savior continue to bless and keep us!


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