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Advent is a season of hope – 12/9/2020

Advent is the season of hope, and the season of repentance. Our altar Paraments have changed over the years for the season of Advent. Remember they used to be purple which is the sign of repentance. But now they are blue, the color of hope.

In the chaos of this world. In the brokenness we all feel, there is hope. There is hope because Jesus is coming. Coming as a babe to redeem this world. Coming again at the end of time to finish His act of redemption.
Hope! We all want to hope. Hope for a loved one who is sick. Hope for someone who lost a job and wants to find a new one. Hope for someone who has been given a broken heart. We all hope for something.
Advent is a time for hope. We hope and look forward to Jesus coming.
The hope of Jesus’ coming whether as a babe born in the manger or His second coming changes our lives. We change into people who bring of measure of love, kindness and our own hope in this world.

This season of Advent reminds us again of the great love God has for us through His son. His son who was born in a manger and died on a Cross. That love changes us, and brings hope into our lives.

Jesus is saying during this Advent season ready or not here I come. I am coming as a babe in the manger. I am coming at the end of time to finish redeeming the world. I am coming now to bring hope to all those who are feeling the brokenness of this world.

When Jesus comes lives change. When Jesus comes heart change. When Jesus comes the world around us seems more hopeful. Jesus comes amid the chaos of life.

There is a hopefulness in this Advent time. But also there is a warning from Jesus that we must be ready for his second coming.

As we prepare for the coming of Jesus, we must be ready.
He is telling us ready or not here I come.

Are you ready?

So we ask ourselves during this Advent season, “Am I ready?”

Jesus says: “Ready or Not Here I come.”

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