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A table for you, a table for me – 10/17/2020

Today we look to Psalm 23 verse 5.  David writes, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” We would normally think of David rendering service to God. But here, he states the total opposite—God is attending to his needs. The setting is a large banquet hall, and God is preparing a lavish table in order to serve David a meal fit for a king.

The word “prepare” means ‘to arrange, to set in order, to set in place; to ordain.’ Here, God is understood to be setting the table before David and putting everything into its right place. The dishes are perfectly positioned, the drink is poured, and the meal is cooked and served. Every detail has been given the strictest attention. Nothing David could possibly want has been overlooked or omitted.

By way of analogy, this is how David sees the LORD caring for him. God is feeding him the meat of His word. He is pouring His truth into David’s soul to bring him much joy and peace.  Never has David been so satisfied.

The same service is available to all believers. We are all given a place in the royal banquet hall and treated like a guest of the King. Throughout this feast, the LORD’s eye is upon us, anticipating our every need. In His perfect timing, He is bringing to our table exactly what we need, precisely when we need it. Here is His incomparable love in action.

Pastor Gary

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