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An Unusual Easter – 07/11/2020

Easter? Now? See the white “He Is Risen” paraments on the altar? See all the flowers? You bet – odd time for it maybe, but this is our Easter, having missed celebrating together on the calendar Easter.

Sing with some great Easter hymnody; read Matthew’s account of the discovery of the Risen Christ and His empty tomb. And while you’re at it, after you’ve heard Acts 10:34 and following – read the beginning of Acts 10 – what a great story, and then Peter gets called on the carpet in Jerusalem when he checks back in. The reading today explains his actions; you read the story.

All of which proclaims, after all: He Is Risen! He is risen indeed, alleluia! Our church services have risen again! Note the electronic sign-up on our web page if you would like to come, or call in 8-noon Monday or Tuesday to claim a spot for the following weekend. Or – watch the service like you are right now. God’s blessings to all on this unusual Easter!

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