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He Is Risen! – 4/3/2021

Alleluia! He Is Risen! and the response, of course He Is Risen Indeed, Alleluia! Welcome to our Easter worship! Last year we held Easter at the beginning of summer, the first time we could come together as His Church Gathered after four months of worshipping as His Church Scattered. This year we worship Him with voice and song and brass and organ and with all our hearts.

Easter Sunday in Jerusalem was a shocking day for those who witnessed first hand the Risen Christ, first at the empty tomb, then on the road to Emmaus, then in the still-locked upper room. If you’ve ever doubted the promises God has made to us in scripture, Easter serves as the magnificent proof as true all He has said. It is our prayer that the service you are about to watch will be beautiful, whether in person or by the electronic means God has made available to His church. May He richly bless you this day and always. Alleluia! He Is Risen!

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