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The Glorious Church – John 3:16 C.C. Thursday Night in the Word LIVE Stream 9/23/2021

Thursday Night in the Word LIVE Stream 9/23/2021

Message: “The Glorious Church” with Pastor Maryann Berry

In Part 1 of this mini-series, we lay a foundation!
The Church …the Lord Jesus Christ comes to receive unto
Himself will be a church filled with the Glory of GOD!
And in the building of this Glorious Church…. we must become
more aware of increased satanic attacks everywhere!
This is NOT to glorify the devil! This is to make us more
aware of the very power of GOD within the Child of God!

What are the fiery darts the enemy is using to steal that Glory?
What is the believer’s most important weapon available at this hour?
Who is Mrs. Nuzum? What can we learn from her revelation?

Here are the youtube video link to the worship song we will be playing, so you can worship with us! The Audio is muted in the video due to copyright!

How beautiful-Paris Twila


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