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Does the Devil Know Your Name? – Thursday Night in the Word LIVE Stream 11/9/2023

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John 3:16 C.M. Thursday Night in the Word LIVE Stream 11/9/2023

Message: “Does the Devil Know Your Name?” with Pastor Maryann Berry

Here is the YouTube video link to the worship song we will be playing, so you can worship with us! The Audio is muted in the video due to copyright!


Key Text: Acts 19:11-16

Acts 19:11
Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul,
The word UNUSUAL …speaks of special miracles…extraordinary miracles!
What KIND of special miracles?
What KIND of extraordinary miracles?
– Are Christians today called to work these miracles?
– What opposition do we face?
– The Word reveals how prevalent Christians had been involved in
sorcery and spiritualism….in Paul’s day.
Is this prevalent today as well?
– What perspective did Jesus speak to His disciples in light of
LUKE 10:20?
– How does this perspective relate to believers today?
– Always remember….
The devil WILL KNOW your name….

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