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Black Sun – The Animated Series

Black Sun is an epic space opera series written by Dustin Corallo, penname Daniel Crux. The series is focused on a band of space pirates who, under the employ a mysterious yet captivating patron, embark into the galaxy to seek out its greatest mystery, as well as claim a once lost family legacy. All the while gaining much wealth and treasure along the way. The series is presently at six books, with a minimum of ten and a maximum of thirty books planned altogether. Each of these books are divided into sets of ten – which the author refers to as “sagas” – with each saga pertaining to the beginning, middle and end of the overall series. Though the overall plot remains constant throughout each book, the characters in question explore a multitude of adventures, whether it be simple acquisition of treasure or a side conflict that necessitates their involvement. This is made possible by an expansive, deeply immersive setting, an entire galaxy of potential and possibility, to say nothing of the factions and inhabitants therein. Overall, Black Sun can best be described as a cross between a modern space opera and a swashbuckler adventure, combining both old and new story elements and tropes into a most unique experience. One well apart from any to the present day.

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