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Are You Afraid of the Dark | Online Campus Experience

Welcome to Pure Heart Church online! 😀A place where “It’s Ok to not be OK; but its not OK to stay that way. And its not OK to stay stuck” We are a community that values transparency, vulnerability and relationships. In our shared connection and love for Christ, we go out into the greater community and the world to make real change. Will you join us?

Our team wants to be praying for you. 🙏 You can submit Prayer Requests at

If you are new, we would love to connect with you 😀👋

If you made a decision to follow Jesus Christ today, we want to celebrate with you and provide you with next steps. ⁠😊⁠🙌

Give towards the mission. 💪❤️You can do that in the Pure Heart app or

To watch ASL interpreted services 🧏‍♂️ go to

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