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To Life: One’s Journey Beyond Bipolar – A Documentary Film

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Originally released in 2004, this is without question one of the most inspirational, educational and empowering documentary films ever produced on mental illness. It will change and improve your life and the lives of everyone you know who has been touched by mental illness.

“To Life – One’s Journey Beyond Bipolar” tells part of the story and shares in the life of Neal David Sutz, Bipolar Survivor, as well as expresses a rare glimpse inside the American mental health system. It also discusses, in great detail, both traditional and alternative methods to treat mental illness.

“To Life” is not only an entertaining documentary film, but also a superb educational tool for patients, schools, universities, hospitals, mental health professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about and better the lives of those people suffering from various mental illnesses.

Included are interviews with and candid, day-to-day footage of Sutz. Additionally, one of the most renowned psychiatrists in the USA and the then-Director of the Arizona State Hospital (formerly The Insane Asylum of Arizona, one of the oldest long-term care mental health facilities in the USA.

Sutz, who was diagnosed with the most-difficult-to-treat form of bipolar disorder – bipolar II disorder with ultra-ultra rapid cycling and mixed states, coupled with severe, generalized anxiety disorder – not only overcame his mental illness, but learned, developed and now shares with others through his All-Day Seminar nationwide, a series of practical, easy-to-learn, straight-forward methods that anyone suffering from mental illness can simply use to regain their mental health, their life and their sanity.

Sutz is the author of, ”Kick It With Gusto – A Practical Guide To Living Through Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorder,” as well as the writer, director, producers and star of his based-on-a-true story, full-length independent feature film,”Human Like You – A Bipolar Odyssey.”

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